Calendar Descriptions

  • EXCURSIONS: Field trips (PLEASE REFER TO THE SCHEDULE TO SEE THE TIMES THAT WE WILL LEAVE AND RETURN.  We cannot wait for children who arrive late.)  *Please have your child wear clothing they can get wet in on splash pad days (Field Trip Shirt will be worn) All addresses are located on the calendar.
  • CINEMA MAGIC: We will be going to Scera Shell to watch a movie. Popcorn and a drink will be served. Address is on the calendar. *Field Trip Shirt will be worn
  • OUTDOOR EXTRAVAGANZA: Travel around to different parks. We go to the park and play on the playground, play kickball, etc. All addresses are on the calendar. *Field trip shirt will be worn
  • IN THE KITCHEN: Children are allowed to add ingredients, mix and eat what they make. *All projects will be prepared individually to cut down on any possible germ transferring.
  • SPLASH ZONE: Each child will need to bring a TOWEL and a SWIMMING SUIT in a bag with their name on it. This bag will need to go home the same evening and brought back the next week. Please make sure that the towel and swimsuit have your child’s name clearly marked on it.
  • DAILY PRESCHOOL: Preschool is held all year round and every afternoon using a research based curriculum, Creative Curriculum.