Welcome to the registration page.

  • Please read through all information on this page before registering.
  • ALL REQUIRED FORMS must be completed and emailed or brought in the first day or completed the first day of attendance.
  • Scroll down to access the required information, then click the buttons to access the forms.

Required Steps

Step 1:   
Tuition Questions and Family Handbook

Step 2:   
Admission and Health Form

Step 3:   
Agreements to Sign

Step 4:   
Immunization Record

Step 5:   
State Nutrition Form

Step 6:   
Child Information Sheet

Additional Forms and Services:

Transportation Form *only if A to Z will be transporting to and from school

Child Assessment *3 years and younger only

UPSTART-Children turning 4 years old before September 1, 2022 

PEEP SSID CONSENT-Children turning 4 years old before September 1, 2022 

Summer Information: Complete only if your child is in preschool or school age and will attend summer months

Complete only if requested by director