Welcome to the registration page. Please read through all information on this page before registering. ALL FORMS must be completed and emailed or brought in the first day or completed the first day of attendance.

Read these Frequently Asked Questions About Tuition


Complete the Online Registration Form

Register using our online forms and payment processing. Completing this online form does NOT guarantee your child’s spot without speaking to a director. Online Registration performs best using internet explorer


Read through the provider and family agreement.

If you are entering the waiting list, please read and sign the agreement.

Complete this form for each child that will be attending school and will need transportation.


Immunization Record

Complete the immunization Record Form and bring in a copy of the original records to the office. (The immunization record form is a mandatory form that must be completed for state requirements before your child can attend.) *WILL ONLY WORK WITH INTERNET EXPLORER

Utah law requires children attending this Early Childhood Program or facility are appropriately immunized for their age. It is your responsibility to have your child immunized and to provide this facility with a medically verified, date- and dose-specific immunization record for all required immunizations he/she has received. This is required for admission to this facility. Factors regarding when your child gets which doses of vaccine include: • current age of child; • when he/she began the immunization series; and • grade, if he/she attends school. For specific information on which immunizations your child should receive, please consult with your child’s health care provider.

State Nutrition Form

Complete the form attached.  We participate in the state nutrition program which subsidizes our meals and allows us to include all meals without an additional cost to our families.  The state requires us to keep the attached documentation on our families. You can either complete the form here on the website and email it to [email protected] or print it out and bring it with you. (If you do not have a printer and would like to complete this form at the center, please let the office staff know.)

Click here for the instructions in English

Click here for the form in English

Click here for the instructions in Spanish

Click here for the form in Spanish

Complete the child assessment located on our assessment page


Complete Child Information Sheet so we can get to know you and your child.

Complete the child health form for each child attending if you were on the waiting list or we have requested an updated copy


If you are wanting to split the payment to have multiple payers for the same account, please fill out the form below.


Complete only if your child is in preschool or school age and will attend summer months.

Airtime Training Registration information. If the parent has registered with us previously, they can click on the parent portal tab and sign in and then select the class that they would like to join. If it is a brand new parent having never been registered before, they need to click on the programs tab and select Training Wheels.

Airtime Training Registration

To sign up for Uplift Dance Class. Go to the website and choose an A to Z Building Blocks class and the location that your child is attending.


If your child is in preschool we encourage you to read the following information regarding our phonics program.