From our Owner

Brian and Jody Zabriskie


I am so excited that you are interested in joining our amazing team at A to Z Building Blocks.

My husband, Brian and I were born and raised in Utah County.  Together we have four amazing children; two beautiful young ladies ages 21 and 19 and two handsome boys ages 16 and 12. I love being a mother!  As a family we enjoy camping and traveling together.

My journey to make a difference in children’s lives began when I was 11 years old.  I started my own child care “babysitting” business.  I knew by the time I was 12 years old that this is what I wanted to do. I moved to Chicago, Illinois when I was 18 years old to be a nanny. I worked as a nanny for three years. I owned and taught preschool in my home for four years before my husband encouraged me to seek my dream of opening up a child care center. My dream came true in May 2005 when we opened up our first child care center. Our second location opened a year later, and we have expanded three more times since then.

My vision is to create a high-quality environment for children, families, and my amazing team.  To make a difference in a child’s life begins with the team that you create.  I love working with people and enjoy learning through the journey of life.  I love the work that I do, I love my team and love that we provide an amazing place for children to be!


Jody Zabriskie

Meet our Center Leaders

Jessica has been with A to Z Building Blocks since 2006 and started in the infant toddler center.  She worked with infants and toddlers and worked her way into the preschool classroom and became full time director in 2015. She attended UVU and received her Bachelors in Behavioral Science and her CDA at the same time.  Jessica is a mom to three little girls who spend their time with our A to Z Family each day and loves spending quality time with them.  She has lived in Utah her whole life and fall is her favorite even if it’s short lived.  She loves to visit her friends in their classrooms and build relationships with families new and old.  She loves having a job where she gets to have fun and never have the same day twice. Even though she is not in school, she loves that she learns new things each week from my A to Z children and teachers.

Jessica Black

Julie has worked for A to Z Building Blocks since 2009. During those years, she has been an infant support and lead teacher, an assistant director, and a director. Julie has worked at our American Fork, Orem, and Eagle Mountain locations. She has her bachelor’s degree in Child Development and her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Julie loves learning new things and loves that A to Z has given her many opportunities to advance within the company. She has a son who attends the center, which gives her a unique perspective as a parent and as a director to help serve the families in our care.

Julie Nelson

JoDee has been with A to Z Building Blocks since 2010.  She has worked at the same facility for 27 years, both as a teacher and a director.  She has earned her Child Development Associate (CDA). She is thrilled to see a second generation come to the center with their children.  She loves being an advocate for all children.  Her and her husband have 3 children and 11 grandchildren.  She enjoys many outdoor activities and spending time with her family.

JoDee Fisher

Julie began working for A to Z Building Blocks in 2015 and has been working in child care since 2006.  She enjoys helping children reach their fullest potential, as such, she enjoys teaching others to see the potential in kids through their unique challenges.  Julie took up playing the violin in elementary school, which introduced her to many different people and gave her an opportunity to travel. She still occasionally plays today. Julie grew up in Maryland and earned her BA in sociology from the University of Maryland. Julie enjoys reading, playing board and card games, and writing in her free time as well as spending time with her husband and pets.  Julie also enjoys trying new food from different areas of the world.

Julie Miller

Meet our Onboarding Specialist

Jo joined the A to Z Building Blocks family in the fall of 2019 as Team Onboard Specialist; she brought with her over 20 years’ experience in the early childhood field. Jo enjoys finding great new talent to join our team, ensuring new teachers and staff receive proper training and support from day one is her goal.

Jo studied special education while attending Milligan University, located in eastern Tennessee. While volunteering in a preschool for children with disabilities, she fell in love with the early childhood field. She spent the next 20 years working in private child care than 12 years working as the training coordinator for Care About Childcare.

Originally from western Pennsylvania, she and her husband moved to Utah in 1991 and have enjoyed raising their 2 children here. She loves to read, play BUNCO with her girlfriends and travel to faraway beaches.

JoAnne Francis

What our team is saying


A to Z is my favorite place to work! I love being around the kids and my co-workers.  I look forward to coming to coming to work rather than dreading it like other jobs I’ve had. It’s a positive and fun environment.

Kenzie Robison

This job is challenging but I love all my kids and the goofy and sweet things they do. They make it worth it. I love giving these kids a place to feel safe.

Cassie Franklin

A to Z out top quality care, for the children and the employees. I’ve recently become a member of the team and I’m so happy to be here. Every day is a joy as I get to spend time doing what I love surrounded be people with the same mindset. You can tell that everyone truly loves and cares about kids and wants to promote positive growth.

Alyssa Connelly

I love working at A to Z Building Blocks. I love to see these children grow and the creativity coming through their eyes. It amazes me the imaginations that they
have and the fact that I get to be a part to their world makes me so happy.  This job has been extremely gratifying, and the workplace is incredible.
I adore the positivity that surrounds me every day and the incredible people that I work with as well.

Emma Fleming

A to Z is a fun working environment between team members, but is also a place to be with some of the best children. The hugs and ‘I love yous’ make any hard thing better.

Parker Truman

I like working with A to Z because it challenges me to do my best every day. Working with children has its hard days but there are also so many rewarding days too. I’ve worked here a little over 2 years and I’ve worked with a lot of people in that time. This job is a commitment but when you find your place here and learn the children on a more personal level besides being their teacher, it’s so hard to leave.

Rachel Franklin

I love working at A to Z building blocks! It’s a great environment where you know you’re truly valued and everyone is a team! I love working with all the kids and seeing them learn and grow every day! It’s a great place to work!

Ryan Sommers

I love working with A to Z Building Blocks because I feel like a valued employee and my thoughts and ideas are heard and taken into consideration. I also believe they give support to their employees and change when something is not working. They strive to create a safe environment for both employees and team members.

Brittany Carlisle

I have been with A to Z Building Blocks for about seven and a half years now, and I absolutely love what I do!! have always wanted to work with children and decided I wanted to become a preschool teacher. When I first came to A to Z I was able to start working in the preschool classroom, I have learned so much from working here and I believe it has made me a better teacher and person. I am still working in the same preschool classroom I started in and I couldn’t ask for a better job. I have made so many friendships and memories here at A to Z, I love being able to help children learn and grow and I enjoy watching them develop and express themselves each day. Just seeing their smiling faces each day keeps me going and I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had! I love my A to Z Family!

Nichole Schofield

I love working at A to Z because I feel valued. I have never had a job where I have enjoyed coming to work and enjoyed the work I was doing. But this job fulfills that for me.

Josie Larsen

I love the people that I work with. This job can definitely be stressful and overwhelming at times, but our team is phenomenal.  We all try our best to support each other and work together. I also love working with the children and seeing them learn and grow, it’s very rewarding when something you have taught them or helped them with really clicks.

Quickening Brown

I love working here because I get to see the children learn and grow! I love listening to their funny stories! I also love being able to work with a director that I can talk to whenever I need!

Holly Burgess

The atmosphere is so fun and I really am friends with a lot of the other employees. I feel loved when I come in everyday and the kids just make it that much more fun. It’s hard some days but super rewarding when you see their progress!

Mayson Truman

I work as our enrollment specialist and administrative assistant. I have to say this is the best company I have ever been a part of. I have the best coworkers, and boss. It makes it easy to go to work every day knowing I’m working for a business that actually cares about their employees and the families we serve. I have never worked in a place that’s as organized, team based, and genuine. The care and effort given by our employees to the families we serve is amazing. We are always striving to be better in what we do, and who we are. Our Core Values of Trust, Excellence, Teamwork, Security, and Growth are implemented every day in our team. I couldn’t be happier waking up every day and going to my job. I feel I’m valued, and heard as an employee. We treat each other like family. We love and support one another. I have learned so much about people and children while working here. There’s awesome training, and they help us work on things to help further our career in child care. Some of the fun benefits of working at A to Z are, having fun activities together where you can win awesome prizes, we get all of the major holidays off because they know we have family and friends outside of A to Z, there are bonuses that you can work toward, and you get a birthday gift for your birthday! That is only a portion of the amazing benefits here. I couldn’t be happier with this job. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here at A to Z Building Blocks.

Kyra Pulham

I have worked at many different childcare centers. This is the first place where the staff are genuinely happy to be here, where we are felt understood and given room to grow professionally. It is nice being able to continue learning and growing professionally and not feel like I am stuck. I feel very appreciated for the work that I do and feel as if I am treated like a competent adult that doesn’t need hand holding.

Missy Garcia

AtoZ has been a place of tremendous growth for me. I have been able to have a place where I am supported in my career choice and be able to prepare as I work towards becoming an Elementary School teacher. It has been a place where I have been able to work with children and families from all backgrounds. It is extremely rewarding when the hardest children to work with become your favorite and you cry when they are no longer in your care. The staff and team of AtoZ provides a warm and caring environment for everyone in their care.

Natalie Allen

I have always felt like part of a family while working with A to Z building blocks! I feel comfortable and accepted! Coming to work is something I look forward to! Not to mention I love watching the children learn and grow!

Jentrie Jensen

Our Vision and Core Values


To provide a safe, loving, and high-quality learning environment for children, families, and our team.



We rise to the challenge of continually improving ourselves to provide high quality care.



We build relationships amongst children, families, and our team based on honesty, trust and confidence.



We combine our individual strengths and skills as a shared commitment to exceed expectations.



We strive to provide physical and emotional security for children, families, and our team.



We expand opportunity for a better tomorrow with our A to Z family through learning, exploring, and having fun.

Qualities of our team



Supplimental Insurance and Dental Plans

Helps pay for healthcare costs. These costs include copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Bonus Program

Yearly bonuses for a job well done.

Raise Opportunities

Raises pay scale that gives you an opportunity to exceed.

Direct Deposit

You never have to go to the bank to deposit your check because it automatically deposited for you.

Professional Development

There is always room for growth.  Paid professional development will help you exceed.

Advancement Opportunities

We create a path for our team to advance.


Eat on us while you are working.

Classroom Supply Budget

Don’t pay for the supplies in your classroom. We give you a classroom budget.

Together Time

Team building activities and weekend getaways.

Ongoing Training


Utah State Child Care Licensing requires 20 hours of training each year. A to Z Building Blocks goes above and beyond in our training program. We have monthly, and yearly training meetings.

We encourage you to take classes through the local child care referral agency so we pay for your training classes.

Onboarding Process

Spend time outside the classroom with our onboarding specialist so that you feel prepared when you go into a classroom. 

You will have days to be in the classrooms without any responsbilities so you can observe, play and learn how to be the best teacher.

You will have a mentor that will help guide you in the classroom and answer any questions.  Your mentor and you will go to lunch the first week so you can have one on one time to discuss any questions and recieve guidance.

You will meet with your director after the first week so she can check in and see how things are going. She will check in with you weekly to see how the transition is going and give support in any way.

You will work with our training specialist to get additional professional development training on areas that you are wanting to develop in. 


Ready, Set, Go!

After you have submitted your resume and welcomed in for an interview you will proceed to press the button below and enter the password.

Recruitment Steps