Our curriculum is for all age groups. We use a research based curriculum infants-preschool age. Your child is not coming to just a daycare but a childcare facility where they learn through experiences.  Our curriculum stresses the importance of hands on activities through exploring and experimenting with materials.

We have made an environment where children want to come and have fun learning. We try to give them the best learning experiences to prepare them for the rest of their lives.


We spend a majority of time engaging in different activities such as literacy, math, sensory, science; social, emotional and computer skills. Children are free to move from center to center as they independently or collaboratively join other children. Children gain independence with this set-up because they are in charge of their own materials and learning.


Children learn to be creative by creating their own masterpieces. The children use glue, scissors, paints, water colors, collage items and other items to create their masterpieces. Children need to be given a chance to be creative without the interruption of the educator and without the creations of adults.


The project approach is another big part of our days in preschool. The definition of a project approach is an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of children’s attention and effort. The purpose of using the project approach is to teach children about the real world through investigating, and documenting. We use clipboards, surveys, charts, graphs and field site experiences.