Outdoors and Weather

Going outside each day to play is great for children. Here are a couple of reasons why we believe that going outside in the winter and summer are both equally important.

1. Germs are passed from close contact.  Going outdoors allows children to be in the fresh air and in a larger space to avoid all of the germ exposure.

2. Exercise is important for children

We use the weather watch chart to decide when it is safe for our children to go outdoors in the summer and winter.  Many people think that winter time is the only time d to be concerned about temperatures, however summer heat can be just as detrimental. Using appropriate measures ensure that all children we care for are safe in all seasons. Here are a few links that we use to determine when it is safe and unsafe to go outdoors to play. Click here for the Child Care Weather Watch Chart. Click on either link below to view the current Temperature and Air Quality.

Utah Department of Environmental Quality