Swimming and Sunscreen Permission Form

We are excited to be able to offer swimming at the pool this summer. We want to make sure children are safe while we are there.

Please read through the following rules with your child. Here are the rules for the swimming pool. We would like families to go over these rules with your child and make sure they understand them. All children must always follow the rules. If a child does not follow the rules 100% of the time, they will not be allowed to go back to the swimming pool due to safety reasons.

1. If your child cannot swim, they will always need to have a life jacket on, and parents need to provide it. Parents need to make sure teachers are aware of this before the summer begins.

2. Children are not allowed to go in farther than 5 ft 5 inches deep of water even if they can swim.

3. Children are not allowed to go off the diving boards.

4. Children must always be with a teacher and no wandering the swimming pool area.

5. The teacher will wait outside the bathroom door while children are in the bathroom.

6. Children must not play in the bathroom.

7. Children must not bring money with them to the swimming pool.

8. Children must get out of the water every hour to have sunblock reapplied.


We want to make sure children are protected from getting sunburned. We allow older children to apply their own sunblock with the assistance from a teacher putting the sunblock on in lines on the child’s arms, legs, and face and allowing the child to rub it in. Teachers always assist with applying sunblock to children’s backs.


We need to know if your child can swim or not.

My child and I have read the rules, the sunblock usage, and agree to follow them.