Toddlers *Ages 12months-23 months

We provide an environment where toddlers can learn and grow through hands on experiences. Toddlers grow so quickly and need focus in all areas of development including physical, cognitive, and emotional development/social-emotional development.

Highlights of our toddler “waddler” classrooms

  • Live video access to the classroom and playground
  • Documentation of all important activities throughout the day
  • Same teachers are in the classroom daily
  • Small group sizes
  • 1:4 teacher to child ratio
  • Snacks and hot meals provided
  • All toys in the classroom are sanitized daily and as they are placed in mouths
  • Activity areas set up in the classroom focusing on all areas of development
  • Developmental assessments conducted every two months

What will my toddler do during the day?

  • Lots of snuggling, love and attention
  • Music and stories are read
  • Art activities
  • Sand and water play
  • Goals are worked on for each individual toddler
  • Spending time outside exploring nature
  • Walks
Developmental Screening
Daily Schedule