Two Week Notice

A to Z Building Blocks must receive two weeks written notice in advance of any change in program schedule. Program bouncing is not allowed. You are either Full time or Part time. Changes affecting weekly tuition rates may not be made during a week, which includes legal holidays, because these days were taken into consideration when the tuition rates were established.

Two weeks written notice is required for withdrawal, for any reason, and families will be charged for that period. If an authorized family member fails to give adequate notice, the account will be charged to pay for those two weeks whether or not the child(ren) are brought to A to Z Building Blocks for care. *Two week notice given within the week does not start until the following full week (M-F)

We appreciate the time we were able to serve your family and look forward to serving you in the future.

After you submit this form, you will be directed to our exit survey. We encourage you to take a moment to answer our questions so we can continue to grow in the way that we serve our families.