Two Year Olds *Age 2 years old

Two old’s are sponges. They soak in the environment around them. They need more than a daycare setting. They need to be learning through doing hands on experiences.Our classrooms are set up to provide a learning enrich environment through hands on play.

Highlights of our twos classrooms

  • Live video access to the classroom and playground
  • Documentation of all important activities throughout the day
  • Same teachers are in the classroom daily
  • Preschool
  • Small group sizes
  • 1:5 teacher to child ratio
  • Snacks and hot meals provided
  • All toys in the classroom are sanitized daily and as they are placed in mouths
  • Activity areas set up in the classroom focusing on all areas of development
  • Developmental assessments conducted every two months

What will my two year old do during the day?

  • Preschool focusing on colors, shapes, relationship building activities, and sensory
  • Music and movement
  • Stories are read
  • Art activities
  • Sand and water play
  • Goals are worked on for each individual two year old
  • Spending time outside exploring nature
  • Walks
Developmental Screening
Daily Schedule